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by Savitri Simpson

In 2047 Ascending Treta Yuga, Sabella Lovingheart is nearing the close of her life, when the High Council of earth asks her to complete one final, important mission. Her assignment is to explore the universally misunderstood realities of death and dying. To accomplish her task, she must travel beyond death and explore various lokas (locations) in the astral and causal universes, return to the Council to report what she has learned, and then create institutions and programs that can help to educate the inhabitants of earth about death. Sabella chooses her great-granddaughter Bellina as her companion and chronicler. They closely observe the dying process and travel into the dimensions beyond death. During their amazing adventures, Bellina’s intelligence, courage, and spiritual depth make it clear to all that she is her great-grandmother’s worthy successor..

Through the Gates of Death—And Beyond is Savitri's third novel, and the finale of the “Treta Yuga Trilogy.” It completes the story of Thomas, Sabella, their mentors, friends, and family, which began in Through Many Lives and continued in Through the Chakras.

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He came quietly last night when I was alone and all was dark and quiet. What a thrill to see him again! He blessed me for my coming transition. It was a blissful occasion for me!


~A quote from Through the Gates of Death–And Beyond

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