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Reviews from Readers of

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Savitri Simpson

“For me, death was always a subject best left for later contemplation. I chose to put it off! However at 70, I began to notice that my lifelong friends started ‘leaving town.’ Their deaths and their absences weighed heavily on me. During my time of despair, Through the Gates of Death—And Beyond was recommended to me. I’ve never been one to grab hold of any religious dogma as a life-saver or as a panacea for prophesizing an acceptable hereafter, largely because they are never convincing. However, this book is quite convincing!. It is creative, well written, informative, and factually believable. It has helped me to accept death, prepared me for the event, and showed me exactly how we all live through and beyond it. Through its easily understandable presentation of some deep truths, I have come to realize that there is a cycle of birth and death and birth, of living and dying, and that our friends will always be with us in some way.” – Dr. Charles Scott McElroy, Isla Taboga, Republic of Panama

"Through the Gates of Death -- And Beyond" is a unique and totally absorbing book about death and dying. It offers a whole pantheon of good news for every single soul walking on Planet Earth today. It weaves all the details of the dying process as revealed to us by the Great Masters of the East in a kind of ‘Love Story’ format that takes all the fear out of it! It literally becomes a "graduation ceremony or welcome home!" kind of experience. I finished the book in a few days and then reread it again a week later! Thank you, Savitri!  Bravo!” – Robert Kelaghan, Certified Yoga Teacher, Singer-Songwriter, Author of My Secret Life as a Sugar Addict, Penn Valley, CA


“Nayaswami Savitri’s latest novel answered my questions about what happens when one leaves the earthly plane, confirmed for me that the soul does lives on, and focused on the importance of meditation for understanding and ‘living through’ the process in the best possible way. I was greatly inspired by what she expressed and dove into my meditation practice with increased vigor and enthusiasm. Savitri, thank you for your wisdom and love!”  Sandy Koshari, Santa Rosa, CA


“With Through the Gates of Death—And Beyond, Savitri Simpson has done it again! She takes readers on a tour that gently yet clearly and succinctly introduces the teachings of the Ananda Sangha lineage, this time on the subject of death and after (this) life. What could be thought to be obtuse in the abstract becomes comprehensible in story form as we allegorically journey with grandmother Sabella and great-granddaughter Bellina, not only to distant places but to other dimensions in search of understanding. What exactly is reincarnation? What is karma? How are the two related? What is the relationship of body and soul, and where do souls go after death? Why, how, and where do souls reincarnate? To answer these and a host of other questions, her characters journey to astral and causal realms, and through great time spans. In this lovely and very readable book, the journey is her continuing metaphor, and she once again, Simpson uses it effortlessly to address many difficult questions.”  –  Anne Benvenuti, author of Spirit Unleashed: Reimagining Human-Animal Relations, nominated for the Pulitzer Prize.



“This is a story of a Great-Grandmother, an advanced soul living in a higher age, who trains her great granddaughter, who is destined to also become a great teacher, in the spiritual truths of life, death and beyond. Some of the teachings, which are all from the great spiritual master, Paramhansa Yogananda, are familiar to his many followers and are made fresh and vibrant in this entertaining story. Savitri has also incorporated many lesser-known and subtle teachings, highlighting them for us. Best of all, these truths are shared in a very engaging way with characters we can relate to; thus these teachings just flow naturally into one’s consciousness. We get to experience with Great Granddaughter and Great Grand-Mother the fascinating realms beyond death. Through their experiences, we learn about our soul’s journey here on earth and beyond. Armed with the teachings shared in this book, we can truly live without fear.” Mukti Deranja, Teacher, Counselor, and Lightbearer, Ananda’s Expanding Light Retreat, Nevada City, CA


“She did a great job with a tough subject. Is it OK for a husband to say that about his author-wife? I hope so, because I really did find it to be an entertaining ‘page-turner,’ in addition to being full of important information, about which everyone should know!” – Nayaswami Sudarshan Simpson, Author of The Seclusion Booklet, Ananda Village, CA

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