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The Fifth Chakra: A Place of Calmness, Silence, and Expansion of Consciousness

The 5th Chakra is very subtle, and its qualities are not as easy to grasp as those of the four chakras below it. Its element is Ether as in ethereal or insubstantial. It is helpful to imagine it filled with outer space, infinite, and without boundaries or form. This chakra is located in the lower throat area, in the middle of your neck. It influences the functions of speaking, singing, swallowing, breathing, and transmitting energy and information from your brain to the rest of your body and visa versa. It is definitely the chakra of communications! Its positive qualities are perfect silence, dynamic expansion of consciousness, and deep inner calmness and freedom. Its negative qualities are restlessness caused by too much talking or mental chatter, boredom, and fear of spiritual growth.

Visualization/Meditation Exercise:

Close your eyes and sit up straight. Place your left hand on your throat and your right hand on top of it. Take a deep breath and make a low humming sound in your vocal cords. See how your neck and your hands also vibrate with the sound. Meditate for a minute or two with perfect outer and inner stillness and silence. Perhaps you will hear some of the inner “sounds of silence.” When you are as calm as possible, imagine yourself leaving your physical body and soaring in freedom, outward from the earth, into outer space. Around you are stars, moons, planets, comets, and flashing rainbow colors of cosmic light. Feel all space, in absolute silence, living both within you and all around you. Mentally affirm: “All space, like an iceberg, floats within my mental sea. I am the colossal, cosmic container of all things made and unmade. I am free, I am free!”

A Short But True Story:

An acquaintance of mine took a month of silence and seclusion. After a week or so he found himself feeling so perfectly quiet and inwardly sensitive, that he could hear other people’s thoughts if, for example, he saw someone walking near his cabin. I was one of those people; and he proved this phenomenon to me by telling me, with perfect accuracy, what I was thinking at that time. Naturally I was impressed; but later, as I thought about it more deeply, I wondered what the benefits of his newly developed talent would be for him. Might it not have been better for him listen for intuitive guidance or for the inner sounds of AUM? Soon after his seclusion was over, he told me he was relieved to quit being able to hear people’s thoughts, once he began speaking again.

Chakras Attitudes/Daily Life Experiences:

Make an effort to give your throat chakra some special energy in these ways: Take a day or even a part of a day to stay alone and in complete and deliberate silence. Meditate longer than usual. Chant or sing spiritually uplifting music. If you are unable to sing, listen to recordings of chants and sing along mentally, letting your heart sing for you.

Action Items:

Decide never to be afraid of leaving your psychological comfort zones in order to expand your consciousness and explore techniques of spiritual growth. You’ll soon find it was the wisest decision you ever made. Determine to go into hand-to-hand combat with your own restlessness through deeper and deeper, daily meditation—without fail!


The 5th Chakra is very close to the goal of your inner journey. Linking it to the image of its Element of “ethereal-ness,” or outer space, strive to make this chakra your launching pad into perfect freedom of body, mind, and soul. Feel what bliss there is in letting go of all self-definitions, so that, as a free spirit, you may “…soar in Spirit’s skies!”

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by Savitri Simpson

by Savitri Simpson


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