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Flowing With Your Second Chakra

Savitri Simpson, Second Chakra

Visualization/Meditation Exercise: The 2nd or Swadhistana chakra is very different from the 1st chakra; they are almost like opposites, but this helps them to balance and strengthen each other’s qualities. They are located quite close to one another in the lower part of the abdomen, the 2nd chakra being only about an inch and a half above the 1st. The Swadhisthana chakra is represented by the element of water, and like that element, it is fluid, flowing, and flexible. Perhaps the most creative of all the chakras, it is a place of accelerated growth and change. To locate this chakra, take a moment now to sit upright, close your eyes, and relax deeply. Gently tense your lower abdomen, in the area of the reproductive organs. Then relax completely and mentally chant AUM, AUM, AUM at the 2nd chakra, visualizing it as a whirling spinning ball of light. Inhale slowly, while slowly lifting its light and energy straight up the astral spine, to your spiritual eye at the point between the eyebrows. Now breathe normally and keep your attention focused there for one minute.

A Short, But True Story: Indecisiveness is a quality to be avoided by spiritual seekers. I once had a friend who seemed incapable of ever making up her mind. One day I gently asked her what she thought might be the cause of this tendency. She answered proudly: “Well, I always try to see all sides of every issue or situation and stay completely open-minded.” Later, I heard Swami Kriyananda wryly say, “We should never be so open-minded that our brains fall out.”

Chakra Attitudes/Daily Life Application: In the 2ndst chakra we can become wishy-washy, insecure, or unable to make decisions or stick by the decisions we have already made. Too many doubts, too much questioning of everything, to the degree that nothing gets done, impedes forward progress. If you find these qualities within yourself, change your attitude by moving energy into the helpful qualities of chakra, which are very beautiful. Creativity is a very powerful aspect of this chakra, especially if it stays grounded in the first chakra’s positive quality of firmness and trust in God. Be like a strong tree, rooted deeply in the earth, and yet able to be flexible, bending and moving with all of life’s storms. Or keep in mind the water images of this chakra, feeling your fluid and flowing psychological aspects, which are alive within you. Be like water in a stream, easily flowing around each rock or obstacle, which might hinder your spiritual search.

Action Items: Daily, ask yourself, “How can I be more creative today? How can I think new thoughts and find new solutions for all of life’s challenges.” Or find some water to sit by and meditate for a while, a pond, stream, river, ocean, or even a photo of one of these images. Or rest on your back on the floor in deep relaxation and imagine you are floating in soothing, healing water, absorbing its positive qualities into all your body, but especially into your 2nd chakra.

Finally: The graceful 2nd chakra dances with creativity, new life, and freedom, but remember always to direct this (and each) chakra's energy inward and upward to the spiritual eye.

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