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The Sixth and Seventh Chakras: The Goals of Enlightenment and Final Liberation

The Element representing the two highest chakras is “Super-Ether.” This term means that in these chakras we feel ourselves to be moving completely beyond all material form into pure, formless, eternal consciousness. How is it possible for us, who are still trapped in physical form in this material world, to feel formless and be completely free and pure? The 6th or Agya chakra, located in the medulla oblongata area of the brain, offers an important clue. It is here that we dwell with our egos or “little selves,” yearning for the union with the soul or Higher Self (Kutastha), located at the spiritual eye—the place of true enlightenment of body, mind, and spirit.

Visualization/Meditation Exercise:

Imagine yourself, in diminutive form, sitting in the lotus posture at the Agya chakra, in the lower-middle part of your brain. From that point of awareness, focus your eyes, all your attention, and concentration upward and slightly forward to the spiritual eye area, located midway between your eyebrows. Mentally reach out for it with an attitude of devotion and of the greatest possible sense of yearning for oneness with Divine Light. The journey between the little, ego-self and the soul or Greater Self may seem short in distance, but it cannot be completed without the purification, help, and support of your lower five chakras. Feel them there now, lined up one atop the other, beneath you, supporting you, clear and pure, blessing you, and giving you their strength. Listen for or imagine hearing the AUM, the great roaring ocean sound of the 6th chakra. See or visualize the spiritual eye as a ring or halo of shining gold, surrounding a deep blue-violet tunnel, and a tiny, silvery-white star in its center. Watch carefully, as these colorful tunnels of light begin to rotate and spin, drawing and moving your consciousness inward, ever deeper into your astral spine and brain.

The 7th chakra or Sahasrara is the place of final liberation and oneness with God. It cannot and should not be approached, except through the awakened sixth chakra and through the pure state of enlightenment to be experienced there. You must first become enlightened in order to achieve final liberation. When perfect enlightenment is attained in the 6th chakra, a shining channel of energy between the 6th and 7th chakras is opened, allowing the soul to exit the body through the crown chakra; then we will never be forced to return again into physical form. We should never try to force our way through this exit-way into final liberation. Let it happen when it happens, with the guidance, grace, and blessings of God and our Gurus! Nevertheless, it is fine, all throughout the journey to final liberation, to feel and enjoy the seventh chakra’s presence, at the top of our heads. Visualize it, as it is, a radiant, thousand-petaled lotus of light— “the most beautiful thing that can be seen.”

A Short, But True Story:

In about 1981, Swami Kriyananda was lecturing on the chakras. While he was speaking about the 6th and 7th chakras and how the 7th chakra should be approached only after enlightenment has been achieved in the 6th chakra, a woman in the audience interrupted him, loudly challenging him on this matter. “Swami,” she said, “I think you are wrong! I work with my 7th chakra all the time, running energy in and out of the top of my head. I even use this chakra to leave my body.” The audience rustled uncomfortably, because most of us knew her to be mentally unbalanced. Recently she had wrecked her husband’s pickup truck by bashing it repeatedly, with their other car (in front of many startled onlookers!)—because of a small disagreement they were having. “Joyce,” he now said quietly to her, “I understand that you think the ways you’ve been working with your 7th chakra have been good things to do. But look where these practices have gotten you.” She looked down, then sat down slowly; there were no further outbursts from her for the rest of the evening.

Chakras Attitudes/Daily Life Experiences:

Working with the 6th chakra in daily life is not hard to do. Paramhansa Yogananda strongly suggests that we simply keep our attention at the spiritual eye as much as possible, preferably all the time! Try reminding yourself to do this by posting a little note saying “Spiritual Eye” or a picture of the spiritual eye in your primary workspace, your car, your briefcase, your kitchen, or on your bathroom mirror. When you notice it, stop for a moment, place your right index finger at that point in your forehead, close your eyes, massage that point gently, and focus all your attention there—even a few brief seconds should offer you a feeling of calmness and spiritual upliftment.

Action Item:

Today, say this affirmation at the close of your meditation or as often as you can remember to do so: “I awake in Thy Light, I awake in Thy Light, I am joyful, I am free, I awake in Thy Light!” This affirmation is also a beautiful chant. If you know it, sing it!—mental chanting is a very good thing to do, if it is not appropriate for you to chant aloud.


Don’t be afraid to embrace your highest potential of perfect freedom and oneness with all that is. Remember that you are going to reach that state one day anyway! Samadhi (superconscious union with God) is an assured eventuality for all of us. It is not a matter of if; rather it is only a matter of when. Live in the consciousness of your goal, always shining before you, but also be sure to enjoy your journey all along the way.

Blessings and joy to us all!

See Savitri's books on the chakras

by Savitri Simpson

by Savitri Simpson


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