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The Purifying Fire of the Third Chakra

Visualization/Meditation Exercise:

The 3rd or Manipura Chakra is an extremely dynamic chakra, having much in common with its element of fire. As fire is beautiful and useful for heat, light, or comfort, so also, when it is out of control, it can burn in very destructive and painful ways. This chakra is located just behind the navel. Its helpful qualities are fiery self-control, self-discipline, enthusiasm, and zest for life. To locate this chakra, sit up straight. Draw inward and tighten the muscles of your abdomen and stomach. Then relax completely. Mentally chant AUM, AUM, AUM in that area of the body, visualizing it as a fiery, spinning globe of light and energy. Now slowly inhale and lift the energy of this chakra upward to your spiritual eye, at the point between the eyebrows. Pause there a moment and gently exhale.

A Short, True Story:

Ruthlessness, manipulation, or abuse of others are negative qualities, which can manifest in this chakra. It is also a place of guilt, if we realize that we have been abusive of others or if we feel we are incapable of having the discipline needed to change ourselves. Just a few months after my husband and I were married, he said to me, “You are a very nice person and exceedingly kind to others. You would never treat others the way you treat yourself! Why are you so cruel to yourself? Don’t you understand that you are being disrespectful to the God within you?” He was very right, and I resolved from that day forward to let go of all my “guilt baggage,” and move forward with fiery enthusiasm for changing myself for the better.

Chakra Attitudes/Daily Life Application:

If you notice qualities within yourself of being ruthless or manipulative of those around you, or conversely, of being too hard on yourself, move your energy away from those negative habit patterns into the helpful qualities of this chakra. Let go of guilt by affirming: “I am God’s child, naughty or good. I now let go of all past bad actions and dwell in the cleansing fire of loving self-acceptance.” Be dynamic with enthusiasm about everything you do in daily life. If you don’t feel enthusiastic then pretend you are anyway and the energy will flow in the way you want it go.

Action Items:

Ask yourself, “Today, how can I discipline myself, but in a supportive and loving way?” Light a candle in your meditation room meditate on it for a few minutes. Perhaps write something on a small piece of paper and let the flame of the candle burn it up, watching the transforming power of fire, a symbol of your release and complete transformation in God’s light and love.


Most of us have many old karmic scars from past lifetimes, which live in this chakra and hold us back from inner perfection. The fire of the 3rd chakra is an amazingly effective element of purification! What incredible freedom is our when we burn away all that is holding us back.

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