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How To Strengthen Your First Chakra

The 1st or Muladhara Chakra is a place of great power, for it is our foundation and the beginning point of our inner spiritual journey. It has been said that, “…as things begin, so they continue.” It is located at the base of the energy or astral spine, close to the anal or rectal areas of the physical body.

Visualization/Meditation Exercise:

Try this visualization/meditation exercise to help strengthen your first chakra. To locate this chakra, take a moment now to sit upright, close your eyes, and relax deeply. All work with the chakras is best done in a sitting posture, with a tall, upright spine. Tighten the area around the anus. Try gently squeezing the buttock muscles together to help you find this part of your body—then relax completely. Mentally chant AUM, AUM, AUM at the 1st Chakra, visualizing it as a whirling spinning ball of light. Then offer its light straight up your astral spine, to your spiritual eye at the point between the eyebrows. Keep your attention focused there for one minute. You’ll soon feel how each chakra becomes a kind of “joy factory,” as its energy is encouraged to flow in the right direction—inward and upward.

A Short, But True Story:

As my mother grew older, she didn’t want furniture or personal items to be moved even one inch from where she had determined they should be. It drove me crazy, but I saw that it helped her to feel more secure in what seemed to her to be an increasingly insecure world. She also had a lifetime habit of worrying about anything and everything. Watching her revealed my own 1st chakra’s harmful attitudes, and motivated me to change them into helpful attitudes.

Chakra Attitudes/Daily Life Application:

In the 1st chakra we can become stuck and stubborn, foolishly not wanting anything or anybody ever to change. Unless we can mitigate this thought-pattern, spiritual progress is difficult. Our security issues are here, for this is where we connect to the earth and find our “grounded-ness,” and personal strength. Extreme materialism can reside in this chakra and make us insecure, worried, and anxious. If you find these qualities within yourself, simply pour more energy into the helpful qualities of this chakra. Concentration and focus begin here, plus inner strength, self-reliance, perseverance, and steadfastness. Loyalty is one of the greatest sources of goodness in the first chakra. When you notice a harmful 1st chakra attitude popping up, like worrying about the future or feeling insecure, focus instead on a positive 1st chakra attitude and work on making it stronger.

Action Item:

Daily, ask yourself, “Where does my true security lie?” If your answer is anything but, “In God alone!” then start working on finding ways to be able to say those words truthfully. Daily meditation will help you very much—even just a few minutes!

Finally, Remember this important point:

Never completely isolate a chakra and focus on that chakra alone. They strongly influence each other and are part of a holistic energy system. Be aware of each chakra’s connection to, and the help it receives from, the chakras above and/or below it. And always direct a chakra's energy inward and upward to the spiritual eye.

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